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Unsung Volunteers, the Washburn Servers

posted Mar 10, 2013, 7:06 PM by Uumc Topeka   [ updated Mar 10, 2013, 7:06 PM ]

Who has a little time on their hands? Who likes to keep busy for a few hours weekly or monthly? Who likes to wear black pants, white shirt/blouse, black comfortable shoes, black bow tie (for men), and black apron (for women)? Who likes to donate their hourly wage to the UUMC’s budget fund? We do, the Washburn Servers of UUMC…

It is hard work; you are on your feet all the time; you might work early in the morning (6:30am) or late in the evening (done by 10:30pm); they usually feed you whatever is being served; but you get to meet WU students, faculty, alumni, etc., and in the long run, bring money to the church’s budget.

I have the fortune to work with several other UUMC members to do just this. I would encourage more of you to think about doing this for your church. We had 11 members who committed to work what they could during 2012.

I want to give you some idea of how much this activity really helped UUMC’s budget in 2012. We (11 of us) spent 793.8 hrs. working at WU and Washburn gave our earnings to the church for a GRAND TOTAL of $5,755.05. One individual, in his 90’s, put in 294.7 hrs in 2012, bringing in just $16 shy of $1,000 by himself. Way to go, Cleve Martin!!!!!

Here are the 2012 Members and the hours they worked: Cleve Martin (294.7), Mary Winans (123.6), Name Removed (115.4), Karen Myers (113.6), Thaine Hoffman (75.3), Carolyn Trimble (18.4), Dar Smith (14.7), Bob Smith (12.2), Jenay Weekly (11.4) Linda Benton (9.5), and

Bernita  Hannigan (5). Please give Cleve and all these church members a round of praise and “well done, good and faithful servant” for a job well done and a service to WU and our church!!