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Our Worship Team - What do they do?

posted Mar 10, 2013, 7:04 PM by Uumc Topeka   [ updated Mar 10, 2013, 7:04 PM ]

The Worship Team is commissioned to coordinate and support the ministries for worship. The members of this team, along with the pastor, focus on the flow and planning of worship. The Pastor has the primary responsibility for worship in our congregation. The question that the Worship Team must keep before them is,

“Do the activities and experiences lead people into a mature relationship with God and a life of deeper discipleship?”

When building the Worship Team, we seek people whose gifts include: art, ritual space design, music, writing, drama, technology, wisdom (folks who know our

congregation and who are able to say  “Go for it” or “No way” while also being

open to new practices), and a common understanding of what worship is.

Vital worship happens when the people are addressed, touched, washed, fed, and strengthened in relationship to God and one another. Vital worship should include these elements - S (Sacramental), L (Liturgical), I (Indigenous), C (Connected),  and E (Embodied) - SLICE. Your Worship Team works to incorporate these things in worship.

We do not worship to entertain ourselves. We must bring who we are and what we have in our hearts as we come to worship God each week. Hope to see you on Sunday!

Worship Team members for 2013: Carla Hearrell - Chair, Pastor January Kiefer,

Val Carter, Bill Land, Mary Peters, Jo Miller, Jenay Weekly, Gary Weekly,

Dave Schafer, Melanie Wambsganss and Elaine Wellborn.

~ Carla Hearrell, Chair, Worship Team