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Vision Meeting 3

posted Apr 22, 2013, 11:31 AM by Uumc Topeka

Our Vision Meetings welcome everyone to meet for an extended period of time to talk in-depth about issues affecting our church.

Our first meeting looked at the 6 areas of fruit-bearing congregations: Radical Hospitality, Passionate Worship, Intentional Faith Development, Risk-Taking Mission and Service, Extravagant Generosity, and Excellent Leadership.

Our second meeting focused on Passionate Worship.

Our third meeting looked at Radical Hospitality - especially how we extend that hospitality to one another in an effort to build a healthy community of disciples of Jesus Christ  Jesus said “Love one another as I have loved you … by this, they will know you are my disciples.”


The heart of our work centered on responding to two related questions.


What makes you feel welcomed, respected, appreciated, and valued?

Recognition, acknowledgement, knowing and using people’s names

Praise, being complimented and thanked

Kindness from others

Time with someone (presence)

Interest (warm chatter)


Being asked to participate or lead (being trusted to have responsibility)

Being able to decline when asked and feel like that will be respected

Having respect for age, physical, background, and other differences

Open, honest, kind communication

Trusting that if someone has a problem with me they will come to me and not someone

    else (talking with me, not about me)

Ideas are welcomed and included

Ideas are readily shared and listened to in an atmosphere of cordiality and patience

Being able to ask for and expect forgiveness (when we inevitably mess up, forget, 


Just being there (the ministry of presence)


What makes you feel disrespected, excluded, and rejected? 

Not taking ideas seriously

Showing up late to meetings

Having actions or thoughts misinterpreted


People making assumptions about you without checking it out

Not being informed of something you should know about (being purposefully kept

   “out of the loop”)

Time and schedules getting in the way of relationships

When someone threatens to leave the church if things don‘t go their way

Telling people what to do (instead of asking)

Shutting people down, ignoring people, avoiding people

Hearing “we never did it that way before”                         

Broken confidences

Talking about people behind their back

Anonymous complaints


When someone asks you do to something and then they do it anyway


We also looked at strategies we could engage in to nurture the kind of culture we want to experience and share with others at University.


DECISION:  We decided that our next Vision Meeting will be a planning meeting: We will identify what changes and new ideas we have implemented that have come out of the vision and other meetings, take stock of where we are, identify further actions and make plans to implement them.


We hope to see you there!