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Journey and Pilgrimage

posted Dec 22, 2012, 5:49 PM by Uumc Topeka
Dear Ones,

Here we stand, at the threshold of a new year in all our lives.  A path lies before us. We are being asked to journey along it together; to get to know each other better, to deepen our affection for and our trust in one another; to nurture one another, to mourn and to celebrate together, but mostly to share in the awesome encounter of the Holy Spirit  and the worship of God though our Lord, Jesus Christ . 

Our focus for this month is on journey and pilgrimage. We entered into the Gospel of Luke in Advent and it will guide us on to Pentecost.  Our January Art & Spirit will give us the opportunity to walk the labyrinth, among other things.   Walking the labyrinth is an ancient spiritual practice. There is a significant difference between labyrinths  and mazes. Mazes are full of blind alleys and dead-ends.  But when one walks the labyrinth – no matter how many times we loop back and circle around – there is only one path – and it always leads us “home.” What a wonderful metaphor that is for the spiritual journey. Though we may sometimes feel like we are lost or simply “going in circles”, when we live as faithful disciples, earnestly following the Way of Jesus,  we become conscious that He walks with us “all along the pilgrim journey,” and that every step is accompanied by God and leads us on to God’s great and gracious Glory. Walk good!

Pastor January Kiefer